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About TapestryBuilder

TapestryBuilder advises clients on managing human capital risk by integrating their talent management processes and corporate citizenship priorities.  We work collaboratively to develop cross-sector partnerships which address specific employee expectations that have a proven impact on employee engagement and productivity.

Our client engagement framework and consulting approach utilizes a suite of diagnostic tools and processes to ensure alignment between your business focus, community engagement strategy, desired workplace culture dimensions, talent development needs and employee interests.

Client Engagement Framework

Screen Shot 2021-07-30 at 12.23.01 PM.png

Our client engagements offer opportunities to realize short and longer-term returns that address multiple stakeholder needs and support business success:


  • Identifies cost-effective and customized learning and development opportunities

  • Improves talent deployment capabilities

  • Promotes employee engagement

  • Strengthens corporate citizenship profile

  • Supports [social sector] capacity building efforts


  • Provides competitive advantage for talent attraction

  • Strengthens employee commitment

  • Promotes customer loyalty

  • Enhances investment community profile

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