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Our Value Proposition

At TapestryBuilder, we believe strategic business and social sector partnerships can simultaneously grow intellectual, social and civic capital. When combined in a corporate citizenship strategy, these forms of capital offer the potential to:

  • realize gains in shareholder value

  • build employee engagement levels

  • support capacity building in the social sector.

In addition to cost-savings and new market opportunities, businesses can also use their corporate citizenship mandate to proactively influence workforce engagement levels which also impact the bottom line.

Human capital research findings consistently point to two key employee expectations that are common across workforce demographics and are strongly correlated with productive engagement:

  1. Career learning and development opportunities

  2. Working for an employer with a positive citizenship profile.  

Both of these intrinsic reward drivers influence employer commitment and employee engagement which collectively influences workforce productivity.

Cross-sector partnerships, aligned with a human capital strategy and talent management priorities, can provide a cost-effective approach for addressing these key employee expectations. The partnerships can also build social sector capacity through the transfer of intellectual capital. They can also promote a positive corporate citizenship profile which influences both customer and investment community stakeholder perceptions.

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