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Diagnostic Tools

As part of our Human Resources program audit review, we identify areas for embedding a corporate citizenship ethos at the policy/procedure level as well as identify opportunities for cross-sector partnership development throughout the talent management process. These efforts support a workforce culture which recognizes broader stakeholder considerations as part business activities. 

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How effective are your organization’s:

  • Recruitment programs at promoting the range of corporate citizenship involvement and their benefits to employees?

  • Skills Development programs at integrating talent development and community partnership needs?

  • Performance and Rewards programs at integrating community engagement objectives and scorecard measures at the Leadership level?

As part of our skills-based volunteer program design, we use our client’s taxonomy for job expectations, generally defined through their competency database or job evaluation systems, to develop a customized inventory of local non-profit talent management needs.

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We also support a high level of employee involvement in the program design phase, through various data collection tools (e.g. focus groups, surveys), to ensure the best fit when mapping non-profit needs and talent development requirements.  Consider the cost-savings to your employee learning and development budget which can be achieved through this skills-based volunteer program approach as well as the opportunity to strengthen your corporate citizenship brand!

  • Which term best describes your organization’s employee volunteer program: time-based or skills-based?

  • Does your Human Resource function play a largely strategic or administrative role in supporting your organization’s corporate citizenship mandate?

  • How would your organization respond to the following shareholder question: How do we measure the corporate return on our community engagement initiatives like employee volunteer program ?

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